An engagement, a few kids, a teen, and 6 talented Southern CA photographers!

I can't say it enough. The photography community, at least from what I've witnessed, is a great bunch. I made several great friends in Northern California and now I am pleased to have made another group of friends here in Southern California. We met up at a nature area in Anaheim and spent over 3 hours talking, comparing and photographing our several lovely models. We had a beautiful engaged couple (both teachers, hence the apple), 4 beautiful girls, and my one spunky little 2 year old boy. I really can't stress enough how talented this group is- we have wedding photographers, family photographers, children's photographers, newborn photographers and even an amazing dance photographer. Our bunch looks small here, but there are several more who couldn't make it out to Orange County, so hopefully we can get everyone together next time. Until then, enjoy a few of my shots from the day (some snapshots, some edited), plus our silly little group shot! A good photographer doesn't mind holding a reflector

A good photographer will do anything to elicit a smile from a 2 year old

A good photographer will kick off her shoes and go risk life and limb for the right shot

A good photographer will rock a throne and a parasol to make the rest of the group smile

A good photographer brings her beautiful teenager to model for the rest of the group

A good photographer brings her lovely 10 year old to help wrangle the 2 and 3 year olds (and another good photographer makes sure to capture it)

A good photographer bravely brings her 2 beautiful little girls to model....and props.

A good photographer is willing to get in front of the camera

A good photographer brings a beautiful engaged couple to model, complete with an Anthropologie dress and outfit changes.

And finally, a good photographer makes sure to remember to take a few photos of her own son, because Lord knows that he won't be this well behaved if she takes him out alone.