7 Months, 3 sessions, 1 Beautiful Boy

This is my 3rd time photographing Baby M (won't be able to call him that much longer!) - I first met him when he was just a few days old for his newborn session, then again at 4 months, and now at 7 months. To say that this family is one of my favorite clients is pretty obvious, and not for the reasons you would expect. They love custom photography, they love their gorgeous son, and they are truly kind, awesome people. I am definitely the lucky one on the end of this deal. I had grand plans for my 3 sessions last Sunday. I've lived in Northern California my whole life, but I always try to visit my locations before I shoot, just in case. Since we now live in Riverside, I didn't have that opportunity on Sunday. I have shot at this location twice before, but both things in spring. When my assistant, this family and I arrived at the locations, I tramped into the grass with my sandals on. Oh boy...big mistake. The beautiful, formerly soft (in spring) grass was now brittle and full of burrs and thorns. All of my plans went out the window as I limped around trying to decide what to do. See the shot of them on the quilt? I had to limp over there, pull off my shoes and attempt to remove thorns from my feet before we moved on. Luckily for them, they were all wearing close toed shoes. What good is a photo session without a little drama, right? I'm positive that it was worth my very minor injury.

Enjoy - and I'm pretty sure with how cute little M is, you really don't have a choice. This was another one of those sessions where my face hurt when I was done because I was grinning at my screen like Ms. Nutso Photographer. His smile is contagious!