Ngia, Becky, and their adorable babies!

These two lovely ladies are sisters in law. How cool is it that they each had their first born only a few months apart? Little Olivia is barely a month old and Jacob is 6 months old (Miss Olivia was overdue and Jacob decided to come early, so they are actually pretty similar in size!) I won't lie, after doing these photos for Ngia and Becky I totally want a photo session with my own siblings and our kids. Sadly, we all live in different states, but a girl can dream, right? (Special shout out to my beautiful nieces, Emma and Kaydriana!)

For our session, Oliva, at 4 weeks old, could have very easily made things difficult. Typically 4 weeks is a hard age for photography. Lucky for me, she slept the entire time. On a suitcase, in a basket, next to her cousin and in her mama's arms. Jacob protested a little more but after he got a full belly he was full of sly smiles and was a total dream to photograph. I swear to you, my clients (both kids and adults) are the BEST. They make my job so wonderfully easy!

Ngia, it was great seeing you again and Becky, it was lovely to meet you! Congratulations on your beautiful, beautiful babies!