Christmas & Winter Holiday Cards Now Available!

I am offering several templates for both current/past clients and new clients alike! You simply choose the template that you like best, let me know what photo(s) you want to use, and what you want the text to read. If you have had photos done with me, we can use photos from your session. If you have never had a session with me but still want to order one of these cards, simply email me the high resolution image. *Important Note* If you want to use an image taken by a professional photographer or a studio, you MUST have a copywrite release. And yes, if they look like they are a fun shape (round, scalloped edges, ornate edges) that how they really are! Talk about un-traditional, right?

Some colors can be changed or customized, but not all. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask.

All cards include plain white envelopes 25 - $60 50 - $100 100 - $175 200 - $290

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Option 2

Option 3

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Option 9