Ah, the joys (and flaws) of technology!

I'm going through blog posting withdrawls. Not because I don't have photos to post and share, but because my little website friend here has decided that it doesn't want me to post photos. Fun, right? I'm trying to work it out right now (I'm sure it's something techy and totally over my head, so I'm calling in support!) I have two beautiful weddings that I recently photographed all ready to roll and share. I will be posting them just as soon as I can! If you're on Facebook, keep an eye on my fan page because I have posted some sneak peeks there!

Until then, here is just one image (it lets me post a couple of photos, but not an entire set which is how I obviously need to post wedding photos!)

Me, my dad, step-mom, sister and son this past weekend. I handed the camera over to my hubster and we got a great new family shot!