Pamela & David - An Autumn Wedding in Winters, CA!

Sometimes you meet people that you feel instantly comfortable around. Pamela and Dave were those people. When they chose me to photograph their intimate wedding in Winters, I knew we would be a wonderful fit. They said their vows under a large gazebo with the beautiful evening light shining through the beams. Photographers love nothing more than beautiful light so I was giddy with excitement by the time that Pamela walked down the aisle with her dad on her side. After the ceremony, we walked along the streets of the small town and casually took photos. Pamela was wonderful at communicating with me her wants and desires for her wedding photos which made my job simple and enjoyable. Around 6:15 we entered the beautiful banquet room of the Buckhorn Steakhouse. The room was beautiful, welcoming and I loved being able to photograph with the available light, giving the photographs an authentic feel. I also want to thank Pam & Dave for a small gesture that while yes, was small, but spoke greatly of their character - Pam emailed me and asked what I would like for dinner. I declined, knowing that I would have time to grab a bite before I started, but joked that I would take an iced tea. As I was milling around taking photos, a member of the wait staff handed me a perfect plate with sugars, a spoon, and a glass of iced tea. Just for me. Congratulations Pamela & David. And thank you...for the tea and for everything!