Stella & Joseph {10/10/10} A Wedding!

Stella and Joseph got married on a very special date. However, more special than that was watching these two wonderful people vow to spend the rest of their lives together. The wedding day started in the early morning hours as Stella got ready at her home in Rancho Cordova. Before the actual wedding, Stella and and Joe participated in a traditional tea ceremony. Stella wore a gorgeous chiong sam dress as the new couple served tea to close family members. Then, it was off to the Timber Creek Golf Course and Club of Sun City in Roseville where the rest of the wedding would unfold. Fast forward to the reception and we got to hear nearly each and every one of their friends start off their toasts with, "So...I met Stella/Joseph at Target..." which is where the bride and groom also met. By the 5th or 6th person everyone was waiting in anticipation to see if the next person had also met either the bride or groom at Target! Thank you Stella & Joe for being so awesome! I feel very honored to have been your wedding photographer!