In Her Home | Southern California Boudoir Photographer

Meet K. K is a fellow photographer who wanted to give her husband boudoir photos for their anniversary in May. Well, you might be noticing right now that it is still APRIL. Well, she was so excited to give them to him that she went ahead and gave them to him early! haha. That totally sounds like something I would do ;) A lot of my boudoir clients save their photos for a special occassion, some of them even keeping the photos secret for several months. I don't know how they do it! I really love shooting boudoir sessions in hotels, but there is also something great about shooting in someone's home. K had a great floor mirror that we used for her session. We also did a cute little note which is something I might not have thought of if we were shooting in a hotel.

I am so glad that K loves her photos and she says that her husband does too. Duh! ;)