Seattle...Are You Ready? | Downtown Seattle Boudoir Marathon

I am so pleased to announce my first boudoir marathon in Seattle which will be held on Sunday, July 15th. Here are the details!

  • There will be 6 openings...first come, first serve!
  • Each session will be 1 hour long
  • The sessions will be held at a high end hotel in Downtown Seattle
  • There will be a professional makeup artist on location to get you beautified
  • Each participant will receive 20-25 high resolution digital files as well as an 8x8 "Little Black Book"
  • Champagne will be served for those of you over 21. Cheers!
  • Your session will be done by me - a super cool, laid back no need to be nervous or uncomfortable!
  • All of your images will be professionally retouched, super model style. Got blemishes, stretch marks, a few extra pounds? Don't sweat it.

So, how much? $400 per person. You deserve to see how beautiful you are.

“I would just say what I have been telling all my friends, DO IT. I have always seen the flaws in my body but after looking at the pictures, I finally saw myself the way I know my husband sees me. And it was good, and I’m hot! Like, really, really hot :) And also Bre, you make everyone so at ease, even people who aren’t ready to bare it all like me. And you are honest, if there’s a dimple or a roll situation, you tell it like it is and have us switch positions. We all appreciated that! But seriously I am showing EVERYONE!!!!!! I think I just rambled too much, but the bottom line is your work made me feel good about my curvy bod. And you ROCK.”

Please email me directly to book your spot:

I can't wait to meet you!

Beauty in the Desert | Southern California Boudoir Photographer

Let's call her...."A". "A" wanted a boudoir session for her husband. Originally, we were thinking that we would do it in our hotel room while we were staying in Las Vegas for WPPI (a huge convention for us photography nerds). However, the room was pretty dark and left something to be desired. My good friend and fellow photographer Chloe Ramirez of Chloe Photography suggested that we head to an outdoor location. We decided to shoot "A's" boudoir session together - both Chloe and I have similar styles and similar visions, so I think both of us were pretty excited to work together. For those of us from Southern California (myself) and Seattle (Chloe), the Las Vegas desert is a magical, unique place to shoot. This was Chloe's first time in Las Vegas and my 2nd time, and neither of us had ever been off the strip. We Googled a location and off the three of us went in my rental car! We felt like lost city girls but as soon as we found the right light and the right location, we both got lost in the session. "A" is not a professional model, in fact, she is the mom of a toddler. I like to think that she FELT beautiful as we were shooting, because her beauty came across so naturally and effortlessly. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out, and Chloe and I had a blast posing and directing her. Chloe is a self proclaimed "music snob" with large, pretty tattoos - she brought an edginess to the session that I would not have been able to do alone. I, on the other hand, like to think of myself as a total romantic who's style is soft and flowing, and when I look at our images together, I can see each of our styles shining through.

Make sure to check out Chloe's images on her blog, HERE!

Without further ado...



The Gorgeous "A" | Scottsdale/Southern California Boudoir Photographer

When I received an email from this lovely lady asking me if I was willing to fly to Scottsdale to photograph her boudoir session, I said two words. Can you guess? "Heck yes!" (wow, that nerdy) So, off I headed to the amazing Hotel Valley Ho and the gorgeous Arizona desert which is actually where I spent my first 6 years of life (Tucson, to be exact). I love shooting in new venues and the hotel that we chose was so awesome and perfect for boudoir photography. The colors were funky and the whole room was ultra modern. We chose the room just for the tub, obviously. It was large enough for 4 people. I won't ask...haha. The room was larger than my entire apartment here in Southern California and the patio was large enough told hold a 100 person party. I felt cool just staying there! Gah, isn't she gorgeous?? I would DIE for her pretty, glowy skin. Not fair at all.