Sarah & Peter's Wedding! | Northern California Wedding Photographer

Sarah is one of the coolest people I have ever met. No, seriously. She is hilarious, generous, smart, and overall just an awesome person. Peter too, but I don't know him quite as well :) I wasn't sure if I was going to share this, but I will. Last month, I was driving on the freeway on my way to shoot Sarah & Peter's engagement session in Davis. My dad was in surgery and I got a call from my step-mom when I was about 5 minutes away from their house. This was when we found out that my dad's illness was cancer and that there were two dozen tumors found in his lungs. So, yes, not a good call to get. I sat in front of their house (I was early) crying with my step-mom. I hung up and got out of the car trying to pull it together. I have never, ever had to cancel a session especially on such late notice. I wanted to try to shoot their engagement session anyway. As soon as Sarah saw me (I was a hot mess from crying) she put her arms around me and asked what was wrong. I told her and she insisted that I go home and be with my family. Her kindness is something that will stick with  me for well, ever. She was the first person I talked to that evening after receiving the worst news of my life. Okay, phew, onto lighter subjects :) This is Sarah and Peter's wedding!! It was a beautiful, fun day filled with more laughter than any other wedding I've attended. All of their family and friends are just as cool as they are - funny, sweet, down to earth people. Their wedding took place at the beautiful Forest House Lodge. Everyone got ready inside and then we drove down the road to the ceremony site. It was a tad cold and overcast, but call me crazy, I think it added to the romance a bit. Also, they had a MASHED POTATO BAR waiting back at the lodge during cocktail hour. Kinda perfect for a chilly day (okay, mashed potatoes are great on any day).

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Barnes! It was truly my pleasure to be your wedding photographer. This might make me seem like a bit of a nerd, but as I was watching Sarah and Peter and all of their friends dance and have a great time, I found myself wishing that I was a part of their circle of friends too. (I swear, I do have my own friends, haha....yes, that last comment DID make me sound like a nerd!)

This is the face of an older sister when she sees her younger brother er, dancing with a pretty young lady ;) I was dying!