Melissa's Maternity Session | Cupertino Maternity Photographer

This was my very first session as an official Bay Area resident! Thanks to the referrals of a good photographer friend of mine, these first couple were actually booked BEFORE we landed in California. I thought it was fitting that my first session was for this family - they just relocated to Cupertino from Michigan one month before we moved. Melissa confessed that she was having a hard time adjusting - it was their very first move away from their home town. I remember how I felt when we left Sacramento for Riverside, and that was only an 8 hour drive...not a 4 hour plane ride. It's hard, but I hope that they can eventually feel at home here because the Bay Area has so much to offer. It was shocking to me just how warm and dry it was for their maternity session. Oh hey, that's right, I'm not in Seattle anymore! haha. There were mosquitos, the grass was pokey, and we were all sweating...but it was totally worth it. Their daughter was the sweetest and Melissa was positively radiant. As miserable as I make it sound, I left feeling like I was "home" - I missed all of those things because they are what I know. It feels so great to finally be back.