Christina & Julian's Maternity Session - My last week in Seattle

In the 6 years that I've had this blog, this is the most behind I've ever been on blogging my sessions. I'm only 3 months back, so it could be worse, but I still feel bad. As I was preparing to post these images and looking at them one more time it really hit me...I can't believe we left Seattle. I can't believe that I may never visit Discovery Park ever again, much less live 1 mile from it and get to photograph clients there. It made me really, really sad. I spent so many beautiful evenings at Discovery Park so there are wonderful memories tied there. California is home, but my heart aches for Seattle and I miss it terribly. Christina and Julian rocked their maternity session. They were both so natural in front of the camera and we lucked out and got some sun at the very end (something I'm already taking for granted here in the Bay Area). The cool wind was blowing through Christina's hair and it all came together perfectly, one of my final nights in the Emerald City.

Their baby boy will have been born by now, so if you guys are reading, congratulations! We only spent an hour together, but I know that you are going to be amazing parents.

Melissa's Maternity Session | Cupertino Maternity Photographer

This was my very first session as an official Bay Area resident! Thanks to the referrals of a good photographer friend of mine, these first couple were actually booked BEFORE we landed in California. I thought it was fitting that my first session was for this family - they just relocated to Cupertino from Michigan one month before we moved. Melissa confessed that she was having a hard time adjusting - it was their very first move away from their home town. I remember how I felt when we left Sacramento for Riverside, and that was only an 8 hour drive...not a 4 hour plane ride. It's hard, but I hope that they can eventually feel at home here because the Bay Area has so much to offer. It was shocking to me just how warm and dry it was for their maternity session. Oh hey, that's right, I'm not in Seattle anymore! haha. There were mosquitos, the grass was pokey, and we were all sweating...but it was totally worth it. Their daughter was the sweetest and Melissa was positively radiant. As miserable as I make it sound, I left feeling like I was "home" - I missed all of those things because they are what I know. It feels so great to finally be back.

Marissa & Alex's Maternity Session | Final Seattle Session

*sniff sniff* This was my last portrait session in Seattle, done just 3 days before we moved. I will be back for weddings here and there, but I will no longer be able to jump in my car and be to Discovery Park or Golden Gardens within 5 minutes. How lucky was I to have these beautiful, stunning locations just minutes from my front door? I don't know if I took it for granted per say, but I really see how lucky I was now that I no longer live there. Sure, I have San Francisco less than an hour away, the beautiful golden rolling hills of the South Bay, ancient oak trees, and Lake Tahoe within reach, but Seattle holds a special place in my heart. It really is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to live. I am so lucky that we got to call it home for 3 years. Marissa & Alex were so, so sweet together. They are originally from Hawaii, a far cry from the Pacific Northwest but they both confessed that they loved living in Seattle. Isn't it funny how even people from beautiful, warm places like Hawaii or California can fall in love with Seattle? I never would have believed it, but it happens all the time.

We photographed their maternity session at Golden Gardens, one of my favorite places. The smell of people BBQing, bonfires on the beach, sailboats in the epitomizes glorious Seattle summers.

Their baby should be here by now too, so congratulations you guys!