Beth & Kevin's Seattle Lake House Wedding

Beth worked for Seattle University and Kevin worked for Microsoft. I say that in the past tense because right before their wedding they both took an indefinite leave of absence and moved to Viatnam to do charity work. A lot of their wedding revolved around that theme and their wedding was a final bash to say goodbye to their family and friends before a grand adventure.

Their wedding took place at their lake house outside of Seattle, WA. The smell of BBQ combined with the sounds of live reggae to create a magical, exciting evening that reminded me of my childhood summers. As I was taking photos I kept thinking to myself, "This is the kind of wedding I'd love to be a guest at." As it was I had a pretty great time as their photographer too :) 

Thank you Kevin and Beth for allowing me to document your day and I hope that Vietnam and newlywed life is treating you well!