Stephan & Adriano's Los Angeles Arts District Session

I keep calling this an engagement session but technically Stephan and Adriano aren't engaged. However, seeing as how close they were and their great relationship I can't help but think that an engagement isn't far off ;)

We chose the Arts District in Los Angeles for their session because I knew it would match their vibrant, urban style. Stephan is a professional choreographer and photographer and Adriano is a former Italian model. Obviously they were both very comfortable in front of the camera! We had a great time wandering around, laughing, enjoying the beautiful murals, and sneaking onto a roof top garage for our final few shots of the evening.

Sessions like this are why I became a photographer. There is nothing I crave more than capturing a relationship authentically, and all that requires are people who trust me and allow their true selves shine through. Thank you Stephan and Adriano for being so trusting and so real in front of my lens!