The Ramirez Family | San Francisco Family Photographer

Okay, so this was actually shot in Seattle last May right as we were finalizing our home sale and getting ready to move to the Bay Area, but I'm calling it a San Francisco session because it's good for my SEO, let's be real :D Anyway, I have photographed these guys a lot of times. I joke that Chloe (the mom) is my muse. She is also a fellow photographer and close friend. I've photographed her maternity session with Lola (the 2 year old), Lola's birth, a Mother's Day session with she and both girls, this family session, and I would have photographed the birth of their third daughter had I not moved to California. Chloe has also photographed me several times and shot many weddings at my side. What's amazingly cool is that just last month they moved to Northern California too! I am so glad to be back within driving distance of my buddy and one of my favorite families :)