Ngia, Tou & Olivia | Inland Empire Family Photographer

Last September I photographed Ngia and Olivia when Olivia was just 4 weeks old up in Northern California. Like me, Ngia & Tou recently moved to Southern California so we were able to do their family portraits right here in Anaheim at the Oak Canyon Nature Center. This was my first time meeting her husband, Tou, and I couldn't believe how big Oliva had gotten! As soon as they were getting Olivia out of the car, she was flashing me million dollar smiles. I told her, "I love it, but save those smiles, girl!" - did she listen? No. haha. As soon as the camera came out she was Miss Serious, but doesn't she rock it? She is the most beautiful baby girl, gorgeous like her mama!

The McMichael Family & Oak Canyon Nature Center {Anaheim Family Portrait Photographer}

I love the Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim because it's the only part of Southern California that reminds me of Northern California. We moved from the beautiful Sierra foothills of Folsom where oak trees, lakes, rivers, trails and nature areas were plentiful. Here in Southern California you can find most of those things, but not quite as readily. Southern California is beautiful in it's own way of course (ie: rockin' desert locations, downtowns, and the beaches). Amy and David are friends of mine that I knew before we moved to Riverside. We have grown to be even better friends and see eachother quite often. Baylen is 3 months old and Cambria is 2 1/2. We arrived at Oak Canyon just as it started to rain but were determined to get our session in. I had never shot in weather that dark before but was able to "find the light" as we photographers like to say. Baylen graced with me with eye contact in nearly every photo but Miss Cambria was a little more difficult...not out of the norm for 2 year olds, as I know all to well from my own 2 year old at home ;) We managed to get smiles from both kids. Success!