Featured on Equally Wed!

I am soooo excited that Stephan and Adriano's anniversary session was chosen to be featured as part of Pride Week on the great site, Equally Wed. I am so proud to support my friends as well as all couples so I really love the things that Equally Wed is doing for the gay and transgender community.

I photographed my first gay couple in Seattle in 2013. Seattle is home to an AMAZING Pride Week celebration that I attended two of the three years we lived there. I'm sure that San Francisco throws a great party too :)

Love knows no color, no gender. Thank you to these two men for showing us what true love looks like. 

A Los Angeles Tinder Love Story on Equally Wed

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

The Zaczepinski Family | Manhattan Beach Family Session

Gwen is a fellow photographer from Ohio and was in Souther California on vacation visiting family. I know Gwen through a photography forum and when she asked me to do her family photos, I was both excited and nervous because Gwen is crazy good. Proof is here. However, once we were doing their session at the Manhattan Beach Pier, I forgot that I was shooting another photographer and just did my thing. Her kids are beautiful and so much fun. I'm glad we captured some fun in these photos because their 2 week trip to Southern California ended up being quite the roller coaster, complete with terrible finger-slammed-in-the-door-so-hard-it-required-an-ER-visit instances and her 5 year old son being taken into surgery for a hernia :( They are now home safe and likely recovering from their er, adventure!

My Boys. Father's Day.

I've never attempted a real, and I mean REAL, session with my son. However, he's finally getting to the age where I thought that I might be able to get a few shots of him not completely hating my camera. I was right. On Father's Day the three of us went out for a nice walk in Riverside and I brought my camera. I was prepared to do a "real" session. I know the last thing my husband probably wanted to do was brave the 90 degree heat at 3pm on "his day" and try to keep our toddler from screaming or protesting photos, but he was a trooper and humored me. I promised him that it would be worth it. You know, in several years when Reid is all grown up. At first when I asked them to do certain things, well, that just didn't work out. So, I told them to play. Will was getting stressed and was ready to leave because Reid just wasn't having it, but I treated them like I would any other client. "It's okay. He's 2 1/2, just let him walk around for a while. Just let him hang. Okay, now go run and play with him". Guess what? Success! I was able to stand back and snap away as my boys played. It was a great mommy moment for me. Thank you, my lovely boys, for gifting mommy with these precious photos. On Father's Day :)

We saw a ton of wildlife - frogs, lizzards, turtles in the pond, hummingbirds, and lots and lots of rabbits! Reid loved searching for them :)