Smashcake/1st birthday session with Summer!

I met Summer's mum (they are Austrailian!) on a mommy board that I belong to with kiddos who were born in September 2008. Tam and Summer drove all the way from Walnut Creek for our session. Little Summer is a DOLL and I was super excited to shoot her! Tam baked a gorgeous cake for Summer to make a mess with. In case you have never heard of it, a "smashcake" session is simply a session where you capture a 1 year old in action as they dig into a cake! Fun, right?! Heck yeah! Summer definitely did a good job of destroying the cake. She took a couple bites, but was more interested in sliding around in the frosting (because unlike my son, she walks!)

After we got Summer cleaned up, it was time for some cute tutu photos. Another mutual friend of ours, Astrid, made the gorgeous outfit. Yes, she MADE it! Summer was getting a little tired of posing for the camera, so off to the park we went! I have found that once kiddos are done posing and you still want more pics, just take them to a park and snap away! Some of my favorite shots of the day came about in this part of the session.

Before you indulge in some adorable photos (below) you MUST check out Astrid's site!  SIGnature Creations by Astrid is her shop - tutus, shirts, hair bows, pacifier clips, and diaper cakes! Astrid is a new mom of triplets - how she finds the time to do such gorgeous work is beyond me, but I am so glad she does!