Cara & Jason's Brookside Equestrian Center Wedding

As with most of my couples, I consider Cara and Jason to be friends of mine. Cara is vibrant, funny, and everyone loves her (it's true, my dear). Jason is soft spoken, kind, and is a perfect match for Cara. Their wedding was one of the most laid back, relaxed events that I have ever attended. This is due in large part to their amazing wedding planner, Rose. Also, it just suits Cara and Jason's personality - of course their wedding would be fun and genuine because that's who they are as people. The highlight of the day for me was the reception. Yes, all of it. From the funny speeches to the silly dancing, to the surprise post-dancing taco truck and the grand exit, it was something that every guest enjoyed. The Brookside Equestrian Center is a wonderful venue to enjoy the amazing Southern California weather in the fall, under the stars and on the soft grass.

Cara and Jason, I could not be happier for you!

I just have to include this photo - Cara and Jason's wedding marked the 3rd wedding this year that I have photographed where my friend Amanda has been a bridesmaid. PS, are those not the best looking photo-bombers you've ever seen?!

Can you guess the song?

Uh comes Cara's dad and big brother!

Cara & Jason | Brookside Equestrian Center Wedding Photographer

Cara and Jason were great sports. Not only we were at the Brookside Equestrian to shoot their engagement session, but also my little promo video that you can see in the post below this one :) They are getting married at the same venue this November so it was nice to walk around and see all of the beautiful locations that it has to offer. Cara and Jason are so cute together and I cannot wait for their wedding - let's just say they have a lot of fun planned!