Molly & Charles' Hollywood Schoolhouse Wedding | Woodinville, WA

If you were to look up the definition of "anti-bridezilla" or "low-key bride" you'd find a photo of Molly. I can't say enough good things about the laid back, beautiful wedding day of Molly and Charles. They had planned an outdoor ceremony at the end of August but in typical Seattle fashion, it rained. The ceremony was moved inside without a single bit of stress and the rest of their day proceeded as planned. The Hollywood Schoolhouse is a perfect venue for either an indoor or outdoor wedding! Molly has two older sisters whom I've photographed before. It was great to see so many familiar faces and Molly's mom made me feel like an invited guest instead of a hired photographer. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to photograph this special day for Molly and Charles. Congrats again, you two!

Nathan & Melissa's Gorgecrest Vineyard Wedding

I met Nathan and Melissa though a random Facebook connection. When I first moved to Seattle I posted on my Facebook page that I was looking for a newly engaged couple to photograph for free since I wasn't shooting much locally last January. A friend of mine from high school gave me the name of her cousin who works for Amazon and lives just minutes from me in Seattle. Like a stalker, I found him on Facebook and messaged him asking if they were interested in a session. Poor guy probably had no idea who I was and if I was going to be any good but they were good sports and agreed me meet me for a downtown Seattle engagement session (seen here). Nathan mentioned that he was a hobbiest photographer so I definitely did not assume that I would be asked to be their wedding photographer (we photographers like to congregate in groups and I figured he already had someone in mind). A couple of months later when they emailed me and booked me to shoot their wedding I was excited and flattered. I was 5 weeks postpartum when I drug my family with me to the Hood River area of Oregon for their wedding. We made a mini vacation of it and enjoyed the 90 degree weather in mid September. As I drove across Hood River and up the hills to the Gorgecrest Vineyard I understood what Nathan and Melissa meant when they described the breathtaking views of the venue. Unfortunately, Mt. Hood was not in full display thanks to some haziness and clouds, but you could still see it looming there in the background and tried as I might, my photos really don't do it justice.

I was joined by the talented Britney Gardner of Turn Loose the Art that day as my 2nd shooter and she commented to me, "I love your clients. I wish all of my clients were like them" and I feel the exact same way. Working with these two was just as easy on their wedding day as it was on that stormy January morning when I casually shot their engagement. Thank you both for trusting me to capture the most important day of your union and thank you for bringing me to such a beautiful location...a part of the country that I likely never would have thought to visit. Special thanks to their AWESOME DJ, DJ Moe Funk who cracked me up all night long and to The Lambs Table for the amazing meal.

Luna & Federico's Laurel Creek Manor Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer

How festive is this wedding?! The Laurel Creek Manor was the perfect venue for Luna and Federico's celebration. Luna started off the day by gifting her bridesmaids with  scarves which they wore for the majority of the day, matching perfectly with the bright, happy style of their wedding. Federico and his guys had a great time getting ready and I think I lost count of how many times they tossed him in the air :) Hands down my favorite part of the day was watching Luna's mom cry tears of joy as she watched her beautiful daughter marry the man of her dreams. Hmm, or maybe it was Luna's emotion as she walked down the aisle? Or perhaps when Luna and Federico danced together in front of all of their guests? Maybe Federico's toast to his bride which had nearly everyone in tears? Luna's face as Federico fetched her garter? At the end of the night everyone came together on the dance floor, surrounding Luna and Federico for one last show of love and support, and I heard a group proclaim "BEST WEDDING EVER!" I definitely can't argue with that. Congratulations you two! I hope you're enjoying your honeymoon in Cabo!