For Photographers | Free Download | Bre Thurston's Guide to Second Shooting a Wedding

I am so excited to share my latest PDF with all of my photographer friends! When I was first getting started in this industry I had no idea what I was doing. I relied on the help and guidance of other photographers so it is my pleasure to give back in any way I can. 

If you're a photographer and interested in getting started with wedding photography, start here! The best thing you can do is to second shoot once you've established a solid technical base - there is no greater experience than watching a pro work at a real, live wedding. I have been incredibly lucky to second shoot for talented photographers such as Charleton Churchill, Allison Stahl, Brandon Patoc, Anita Martin, Chloe Ramirez, and Joanna Clark among others. I have also been lucky that so many amazing photographers have worked with me on my own weddings. 

What kind of gear do I need?
How do I find a second shooting gig?
What kinds of things should I shoot?
Can I share images after the wedding?

Check out the PDF for all of that and more, and once you download make sure to join my Wedding School Facebook group so you can ask questions and join the community! 

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For the Love of Weddings | My book on Amazon!

During my past slow season I decided to sit down, open a Word document, and start writing everything I know about getting started as a wedding photographer. The words and chapters flowed out of me with such ease that before I knew it my document was dozens of pages long and over 16,000 words. I wondered what to do with what I had created and was encouraged to self publish. The process was not always easy but I knew that I had to see it through to fruition. I'm a big fan of hiring experts for most things so self publishing was a challenge. After several proofs and revisions, my book was finally as done as it was ever going to be and I hit "submit". Seeing the first copies in print were an out of body experience. I made this? I actually wrote a book? I've never hated writing but it's not my passion either. Weddings are my passion, and I suppose that's what made it easy. I'm in my 5th year of shooting weddings which I know is not all that long in the grand scheme of things. I have a bit of self doubt wondering if more experienced wedding photographers think I'm a hack for writing a book on something that they've been doing a lot longer than me. I'm reminded of this quote:


I'm nervous. I'm excited. I hope people like it. I'm proud.

Go and check it out :)

For the Love of Weddings: A Photographer's Guide to Starting a Wedding Photography Business