For the Love of Weddings | My book on Amazon!

During my past slow season I decided to sit down, open a Word document, and start writing everything I know about getting started as a wedding photographer. The words and chapters flowed out of me with such ease that before I knew it my document was dozens of pages long and over 16,000 words. I wondered what to do with what I had created and was encouraged to self publish. The process was not always easy but I knew that I had to see it through to fruition. I'm a big fan of hiring experts for most things so self publishing was a challenge. After several proofs and revisions, my book was finally as done as it was ever going to be and I hit "submit". Seeing the first copies in print were an out of body experience. I made this? I actually wrote a book? I've never hated writing but it's not my passion either. Weddings are my passion, and I suppose that's what made it easy. I'm in my 5th year of shooting weddings which I know is not all that long in the grand scheme of things. I have a bit of self doubt wondering if more experienced wedding photographers think I'm a hack for writing a book on something that they've been doing a lot longer than me. I'm reminded of this quote:


I'm nervous. I'm excited. I hope people like it. I'm proud.

Go and check it out :)

For the Love of Weddings: A Photographer's Guide to Starting a Wedding Photography Business