Chloe's Knocked Up! | Seattle Family Photographer

Have you ever met someone and just CLICKED? Last February I went to Las Vegas with my friend Anita. We were rooming with two other girls that Anita knew but whom I had never met before. I was familiar with Chloe's work but had otherwise never spoken to her. The 2nd day of our photography convention (oh yes, that's why we were in Vegas) Anita had a class but Chloe and I did not. I'm a total people person, but even I will sometimes get uneasy if I'm forced to hang out along with someone that I don't really know for a long period of time. Well, Chloe and I walked around, had lunch, and talked like we had known eachother for years. By the end of our 5 day trip, I was nearly in tears at the thought of leaving my friends. At the time I was living in Southern California, Anita was in Sacramento, and Chloe was in Tacoma. Well, having spent the summer in Seattle, I got to spend some time with Chloe again! Since our last trip, we have talked regularly and I even got her to join Clickin Moms where she is a fellow CM Pro. Chloe is pregnant with her 2nd daughter and I am so honored that she had me photograph her maternity session. In fact, tomorrow she is shooting MY family session, so it worked out in a little trade :) Chloe, you're an amazing photographer, a great friend, and I'm so glad to have been introduced to you.

You MUST check out Chloe's amazing work!