Christina & Julian's Maternity Session - My last week in Seattle

In the 6 years that I've had this blog, this is the most behind I've ever been on blogging my sessions. I'm only 3 months back, so it could be worse, but I still feel bad. As I was preparing to post these images and looking at them one more time it really hit me...I can't believe we left Seattle. I can't believe that I may never visit Discovery Park ever again, much less live 1 mile from it and get to photograph clients there. It made me really, really sad. I spent so many beautiful evenings at Discovery Park so there are wonderful memories tied there. California is home, but my heart aches for Seattle and I miss it terribly. Christina and Julian rocked their maternity session. They were both so natural in front of the camera and we lucked out and got some sun at the very end (something I'm already taking for granted here in the Bay Area). The cool wind was blowing through Christina's hair and it all came together perfectly, one of my final nights in the Emerald City.

Their baby boy will have been born by now, so if you guys are reading, congratulations! We only spent an hour together, but I know that you are going to be amazing parents.

Melanie & Justin at Discovery Park | Seattle Maternity Photographer

I am so excited that not only did I get to photograph Melanie and Justin's maternity session, but I will also be doing their newborn session in their home sometime next month! I can't wait to meet their sweet little boy :) Melanie reminded me a lot of myself when I was pregnant, in fact, I even owned a very similar blue dress! I love how she rocks her perfect baby belly. She and Justin have a wonderful connection which was easy to see in the way they laughed and giggled together. I am so thankful that they trusted me to put them in weird positions, like laying on the ground or having a 9 month pregnant lady straddle her husband's lap in a semi-tight dress. haha. Discovery Park is one of my favorite places to shoot. Not only is it less than a mile from my house (bonus!) but it is so large that all of the sessions that you do there can look completely different. It was warm on the day of their maternity session, but there were hazy clouds giving us a unique look, different than days where I've shot when the sun was shining bright or there were heavy clouds overhead.

The H Family | Seattle Maternity Photographer

If this family looks a bit familiar it's because this is my 4th time photographing them. First, for their maternity session with their now 2 year old son, then a family session when he was 6 months old, and again for his first birthday party at their home in Gig Harbor. They are now expecting a baby girl! I cannot wait to meet their little lady who is due in just 4 weeks! Aura enlisted the talents of Finch and Thistle for her stunning ranunculous flower crown. We opted to do the maternity session at their home, in their backyard. I had been to their house before but on a rainy day, so when I saw the golden rays shining between the trees I was so, so excited. We are spoiled by western exposure in Seattle, but in Gig Harbor it's a bit trickier to find. Their home is gorgeous and their backyard made for a special and beautiful setting. When they look back on these pregnancy photos they will have just a bit of extra connection since I'm sure their yard is already filled with a lot of special memories.

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how dang cute little B is? He just celebrated his 2nd birthday and is a bundle is sweetness, love, and energy. He reminds me a lot of my own 2 year old daughter, although much better behaved for photos ;) After I would take a couple of shots he would come running up to me and say, "Camera!! Picture!!" wanting to see photos of himself. haha. Such a sweet little 2 year old boy!