The Lenzini Family | Anaheim Family Photographer

Elizabeth contacted me earlier this year, planning many months ahead for her family portraits. She has 3 young kids and we discussed how the session would go. We would let the kids play, be themselves, and capture their family interactions just the way they are. I love sessions like this the most. Not only do I love seeing how the kids personalities show through in the photos, but I also love to see how the parents come out of their shell. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing a mom and dad smile and laugh with their kids. Now, don't get me wrong, Elizabeth and her husband probably left the session feeling like they just ran a marathon (wrangling 2 toddlers plus an infant is tough!) but at least it was worth it, right? :)

Now, check out this next series of events...

Ooooh, the life of a mom. Next time we'll leave dad at home, okay? ;)