The Peake Family | San Francisco, CA

I love photographing other photographers and my session with Alison and her family was no different. They wanted a session in San Francisco to commemorate their years in the city before moving back to their home country of Australia. We found a small, beautiful beach that gave us views of the Golden Gate Bridge and also space for her two boys to run and play. By the end of the session we were all wet but thankful for the opportunity to call this beautiful place home...if even only for a few years :)

The Lenzini Family | Anaheim Family Photographer

Elizabeth contacted me earlier this year, planning many months ahead for her family portraits. She has 3 young kids and we discussed how the session would go. We would let the kids play, be themselves, and capture their family interactions just the way they are. I love sessions like this the most. Not only do I love seeing how the kids personalities show through in the photos, but I also love to see how the parents come out of their shell. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing a mom and dad smile and laugh with their kids. Now, don't get me wrong, Elizabeth and her husband probably left the session feeling like they just ran a marathon (wrangling 2 toddlers plus an infant is tough!) but at least it was worth it, right? :)

Now, check out this next series of events...

Ooooh, the life of a mom. Next time we'll leave dad at home, okay? ;)

The Martin Family | Folsom Family Photographer

Photographers keep hiring me, what is up wit that? haha. Don't they know that it makes me nervous?! ;) I know Anita from a photography forum and if she looks familiar it's because she was the matron of honor at Christina & Dave's wedding! Anita has also 2nd shot a wedding with me. She's awesome. I won't lie. Photographing 2 year olds can be hard. Really hard. As in, they make weddings seem easy to me. However, Andrew decided that he wanted to be adorably cute and perfect so that I would be tempted to love shooting 2 year olds. Well, I definitely did this time. Andrew is so sweet and his mommy and daddy know exactly how to make him ham it up for the camera.

Thank you Anita, David and Andrew for this beautiful little session. I had a great time and hope that we can all hang out again soon!