San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer | The Reisters

Whitney and Jeremy have been together since high school - he was the quarterback and she was the cheerleader. How do I know this? I was there too, just a couple of years older ;) I remember them both as 16 year olds and when we met again in person for their session it was like nothing had changed, but also so, so much. They are now married and the parents of a beautiful little girl. Of course I'm also married to my high school sweetheart and we have a family of our own.

We all grew up in Sacramento, a place I visit often from the Bay Area since my mom and many friends still live there. Being so close to Sacramento is one of the reasons we moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area, so that we could see everyone more often.

It was a warm spring evening when I photographed Whitney and Jeremy with their little girl. I love spring sessions because it's the only time in Northern California when the grass is green and soft! Their little one year old girl was a total doll and smiled nearly the whole time which is unheard of for that age! She was so happy to be outside running around (that's what you get when you walk at 9 months like she did!)

One of the really cool things about being a family and wedding photographer is that you get to reconnect with so many people that you might have not otherwise seen again.

The McCombs Crew | San Francisco Family Photographer

Maybe it's my generation, or maybe it's the fact that I own a small business working from home, but I meet most of my friends online these days :) Corinne McCombs is no different. Corinne is a newborn and family photographer here in the Bay Area, but we actually met while I was still living in Seattle. She is good friends with a few of my good friends and the rest is history! We actually met in person for the first time at an Ikea in West Sacramento where we ate meatballs, french fries, and took super nerdy photos all around the showroom (to much acclaim, I must add). From that point forwards we chatted often and I would meet her for a quick lunch while I was in town shooting weddings here in the Bay Area. Now we live just 30 minutes apart so it was only natural that we would photographer each others families. Corinne has three kids - a middle schooler, a 7 year old, and sweet cherub baby Reese. I'll be real and say that all three of them put on their best "Photographer's Child Syndrome" act on the day of our session, but thankfully Corinne likes to keep it real and enjoyed their funny faces and goofy personalities. All three of them are amazing kids so we had a good laugh about it. I even made a collage of her 7 year old's "outtake faces" for good measure.

I am so thankful to have met this family and to call Corinne one of my bestie photographer friends.

The Avrechs | Los Altos Hills Family Session

Many years ago when I was living in Southern California Heather hired me to photograph her maternity session while I was in town for a wedding. Well, now that I live in Silicon Valley Heather asked me to photograph their family again! They've grown just a little bit - her oldest from a giggly 2 year old into a still giggly 6 years old and that baby in her belly is now a rambunctious, joyful 3 year old! Heather is a friend of mine and often second shoots weddings with me here in the Bay Area so it was an honor to take their photos.