San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer | The Reisters

Whitney and Jeremy have been together since high school - he was the quarterback and she was the cheerleader. How do I know this? I was there too, just a couple of years older ;) I remember them both as 16 year olds and when we met again in person for their session it was like nothing had changed, but also so, so much. They are now married and the parents of a beautiful little girl. Of course I'm also married to my high school sweetheart and we have a family of our own.

We all grew up in Sacramento, a place I visit often from the Bay Area since my mom and many friends still live there. Being so close to Sacramento is one of the reasons we moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area, so that we could see everyone more often.

It was a warm spring evening when I photographed Whitney and Jeremy with their little girl. I love spring sessions because it's the only time in Northern California when the grass is green and soft! Their little one year old girl was a total doll and smiled nearly the whole time which is unheard of for that age! She was so happy to be outside running around (that's what you get when you walk at 9 months like she did!)

One of the really cool things about being a family and wedding photographer is that you get to reconnect with so many people that you might have not otherwise seen again.

Family Sessions in Sacramento

Okay, I won't lie, I'm lazy so I'm going to combine three family sessions into one post. It's almost Christmas, so you understand, right?? :) It was a windy, cold afternoon in early December but even the young kids did great. I'm thankful that we at least had sun! Yes, all three of these family sessions were shot back to back. I love a busy day!



The Martin Family | Folsom Family Photographer

Photographers keep hiring me, what is up wit that? haha. Don't they know that it makes me nervous?! ;) I know Anita from a photography forum and if she looks familiar it's because she was the matron of honor at Christina & Dave's wedding! Anita has also 2nd shot a wedding with me. She's awesome. I won't lie. Photographing 2 year olds can be hard. Really hard. As in, they make weddings seem easy to me. However, Andrew decided that he wanted to be adorably cute and perfect so that I would be tempted to love shooting 2 year olds. Well, I definitely did this time. Andrew is so sweet and his mommy and daddy know exactly how to make him ham it up for the camera.

Thank you Anita, David and Andrew for this beautiful little session. I had a great time and hope that we can all hang out again soon!