Lynn | Headshots

I met Lynn over 5 years ago when we were both newly licensed Realtors (yep, I got my RE License when I was to say I did, but never really used it). She still works with a few of my good friends and when she mentioned needing a new headshot for her business cards and marketing, they sent her my way! Isn't she gorgeous? She wasn't sure if she wanted color or black and white, so I gave her both.

Lynn (37)

Lynn (37)BW

Paul Brown | Coldwell Banker Realtor Shoot

Paul Brown is one of those guys who you feel completely and utterly at ease with. In the real estate business this is a characteristic that will either make you or break you. Paul is warm, kind, trustworthy, and knows his stuff. When he asked me to help him out with a new head-shot I was thrilled to be able to work with him. Paul's taste is a bit different than most. He previously had a career in the ad/marketing business in the Bay Area. Paul knew what he wanted; he wanted personable, yet sophisticated. He is not the type of guy who will go for the cheesy, real estate agent cliches. No phones in hand, no sold signs, no glamour get the picture. We chose Old Folsom for our shoot. It was central to us both and offered several different options with its rustic brick, industrial stairs of the new parking garage, a green mossy area at the back of a parking lot, and the peeling paint of an old shed. As the light faded we parted ways. Paul gave me the greatest compliment of all after he viewed his photos- "living art" he called them. Ah, I knew I liked this guy! :) Thanks again, Paul, and I'm so glad you like your new photos! 001