Stella & Joseph {10/10/10} A Wedding!

Stella and Joseph got married on a very special date. However, more special than that was watching these two wonderful people vow to spend the rest of their lives together. The wedding day started in the early morning hours as Stella got ready at her home in Rancho Cordova. Before the actual wedding, Stella and and Joe participated in a traditional tea ceremony. Stella wore a gorgeous chiong sam dress as the new couple served tea to close family members. Then, it was off to the Timber Creek Golf Course and Club of Sun City in Roseville where the rest of the wedding would unfold. Fast forward to the reception and we got to hear nearly each and every one of their friends start off their toasts with, "So...I met Stella/Joseph at Target..." which is where the bride and groom also met. By the 5th or 6th person everyone was waiting in anticipation to see if the next person had also met either the bride or groom at Target! Thank you Stella & Joe for being so awesome! I feel very honored to have been your wedding photographer!

Mindy & Tommy | San Diego Wedding | July 11th, 2010

Mindy & Tommy will forever hold a special place in my heart. Why? They allowed me to photography my first destination wedding! My good friend Lauren texted me one day and said, "Would you photograph a wedding in San Diego?" - I didn't know why she was asking, but I said, "Yes!!" Next thing I know, I get an email from Mindy inquiring about my services. When they booked me as their wedding photographer, I was so, so excited. Not only because Mindy and Tommy are awesome people, but because I had never been to San Diego before. Ever. We did their engagement session back in February so it was great to see them again a couple of weeks ago! Their wedding took place at the beautiful Admiral Kidd Club. Mindy's dad is a Captain in the Coast Guard (right, Mindy? Correct me if I'm wrong!) which allowed them access to this perfect wedding venue. The day started off a bit cool and overcast, and as Mindy and Tommy recited their vows, it somehow fit. It was romantic. Just as we were photographing their formals with their awesome (hilarious!) bridal party, the sun came out, creating the most perfect day. The speeches made were all witty, funny and heartfelt, and Mindy's first dance with her daddy had literally everyone in tears, even me. Watching her mom as she watched her only child dance with her My "mommy" heart sang with love.

At the end of the wedding, everyone noticed that Mindy & Tommy had disappeared. All of the guests were asked to go outside. I overheard someone joke, "What? Are they leaving on a sailboat?" and the photographer in me screamed, "Oh please!! I hope so!!" Well, what do you suppose they left on? You got it. A sailboat. Mindy not only executed her wedding to perfection (The details! The DIY! So impressive) but executed the most perfect, romantic exit for she and her new husband. Happily Ever After, Mindy & Tommy!!

Sara & Andrew's Wedding | June 5th, 2010

Bless Sara's heart...she hired me even after I showed up to our wedding consultation with full blown laryngitis sounding like Donald Duck. I left our consult totally bummed that I probably wasn't going to get to photograph their awesome, fun wedding.....but lucky for me, got an email from Sara just a few days later saying that they chose ME as their wedding photographer! Young brides hold a soft spot in my heart because I too was only 20 when I got married. I spy extra closely to see if they sneak a glass of champagne (cough*like I did*cough) but I think Sara just had cider ;) Sara and Andrew got married in the beautiful Morris Chapel at The University of the Pacific and followed up with a warm, fun reception at Grandma's property in French Camp. When they said that they wanted photos on the trampoline I about died of happiness. When Sara busted out a back-handspring on the trampoline I said, "Girl, okay, I'll take the shot but please don't fall!" - she nailed it!

Thank you guys for including me as a part of your awesome wedding day!