A surprise gender reveal! | Seattle, WA

When my sister asked if I would be interested in shooting a gender reveal for one of her dearest friends I gave her an unequivocal "yes!" I loved the surprise element of it and the chance to capture real, genuine reactions as they learned the gender of their baby in front of my camera. Their appointment was in the morning, the technician put the results in a sealed envelope, and they waited all day until they could hand it to me. It was supposed to be quite rainy, hence the umbrella idea, but the sun decided to come out as soon as we arrived. We worked together to come up with an idea that was different than the traditional frosted cake/cupcake or colored balloons in a box. You know what though? We could have taken away the umbrellas completely and it would have been just as amazing simply watching them open the envelope. I admit, I flat out cried. Tears down my cheeks. Mascara under my eyes. Their joy was contagious. I am so, so happy for this amazing couple!

So, what will it be? Boy or a girl? :)