Luna & Federico's Laurel Creek Manor Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer

How festive is this wedding?! The Laurel Creek Manor was the perfect venue for Luna and Federico's celebration. Luna started off the day by gifting her bridesmaids with  scarves which they wore for the majority of the day, matching perfectly with the bright, happy style of their wedding. Federico and his guys had a great time getting ready and I think I lost count of how many times they tossed him in the air :) Hands down my favorite part of the day was watching Luna's mom cry tears of joy as she watched her beautiful daughter marry the man of her dreams. Hmm, or maybe it was Luna's emotion as she walked down the aisle? Or perhaps when Luna and Federico danced together in front of all of their guests? Maybe Federico's toast to his bride which had nearly everyone in tears? Luna's face as Federico fetched her garter? At the end of the night everyone came together on the dance floor, surrounding Luna and Federico for one last show of love and support, and I heard a group proclaim "BEST WEDDING EVER!" I definitely can't argue with that. Congratulations you two! I hope you're enjoying your honeymoon in Cabo!


Jen & Sheana's Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Jen and Sheana were the first couple that I met with when I moved here to Seattle. The gay marriage bill had just passed in Washington so not only were they going to be my first same sex wedding, but it was going to be LEGAL and recognized by our great state. I couldn't be more thrilled for them. I left our consultation feeling so lucky to have already found great clients just months after moving here from California because not only did they know that they would be my first gay wedding, but I was also hugely pregnant, something that I suspect might have been a turn off for other clients. Jen asked me, "So, is this your first gay wedding?" and when I replied yes, she gave me a huge smile and said, "Awesome." I knew that we'd be a perfect fit. Their wedding day got off to a bit of a rocky start when Jen's pants were no where to be found. They suspected that they were left at home all the way in Portland. We were in Olympia. Well, what do you do when one of the brides needs to wait for her pants? You do a little switch-a-roo and have cocktail hour first, ceremony second. Who can complain about that? Their guests happily conversed and drank while Jen and Sheana hung out upstairs with their family and bridal party waiting on the pants.

Can I confess that I felt far too un-cool to be at their wedding? Not only did Jen and Sheana look fabulous, but all of their guests did as well. Hopefully the photos that I took make up for the horribly boring outfit that I wore to their wedding.

My favorite moment of the entire day came during the ceremony when Jen ended up without the mic and no one could hear her as she spoke to her bride-to-be. She proclaimed that she did not need a mic and continued to speak to Shaena in what I can only assume was a confession of love. My 2nd shooter heard a bit of what she said, enough to make you cry, but I will let that stay between Jen and Sheana :)

Congratulations to these two awesome chicks. Thanks for letting me a part of your day.

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