The Glace Family | Southern California Family Photographer

Eek! I'm a little behind on blogging, which isn't usually typical for me :) Bobby just returned from Afghanistan a couple of months ago, an event that I was lucky enough to witness. While he was gone, I did a session for just Nikki and Olivia (seen here) so that Bobby would have some new photos of his girls while he was away.

I headed out to Twentynine Palms to photograph them as a complete family :) I find the desert to be so, so beautiful. I love the neutral colors and warm, gorgeous light.

Thanks guys for including me in your journey!




Session #5 | Northern California Family Photographer

I've resorted to referring to each session with this family by number :) I'm even too lazy to link to their other sessions because, you know, there are FOUR of them! All kidding aside, I am very grateful for their continued support and business. I truly enjoy watching little M grow (he's 15 months now) and it's always nice to chat and catch up with mom and dad. They even got to meet my hubby since I drug him along for this session. Will did a great job of hooting and hollaring behind me to get M's attention :)