The Peake Family | San Francisco, CA

I love photographing other photographers and my session with Alison and her family was no different. They wanted a session in San Francisco to commemorate their years in the city before moving back to their home country of Australia. We found a small, beautiful beach that gave us views of the Golden Gate Bridge and also space for her two boys to run and play. By the end of the session we were all wet but thankful for the opportunity to call this beautiful place home...if even only for a few years :)

The Glace Family | Southern California Family Photographer

Eek! I'm a little behind on blogging, which isn't usually typical for me :) Bobby just returned from Afghanistan a couple of months ago, an event that I was lucky enough to witness. While he was gone, I did a session for just Nikki and Olivia (seen here) so that Bobby would have some new photos of his girls while he was away.

I headed out to Twentynine Palms to photograph them as a complete family :) I find the desert to be so, so beautiful. I love the neutral colors and warm, gorgeous light.

Thanks guys for including me in your journey!




The Zaczepinski Family | Manhattan Beach Family Session

Gwen is a fellow photographer from Ohio and was in Souther California on vacation visiting family. I know Gwen through a photography forum and when she asked me to do her family photos, I was both excited and nervous because Gwen is crazy good. Proof is here. However, once we were doing their session at the Manhattan Beach Pier, I forgot that I was shooting another photographer and just did my thing. Her kids are beautiful and so much fun. I'm glad we captured some fun in these photos because their 2 week trip to Southern California ended up being quite the roller coaster, complete with terrible finger-slammed-in-the-door-so-hard-it-required-an-ER-visit instances and her 5 year old son being taken into surgery for a hernia :( They are now home safe and likely recovering from their er, adventure!