Taylor & Hannah | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding & Engagement Photographer

I love when my clients suggest places to shoot because more often than not those locations are special to them. When this couple suggested Muir Woods and the Filbert Steps I was excited because those were two places where I've never shot. Muir Woods is a 30ish minute drive from San Francisco but you feel a world away. Even on a sunny day at 3pm we were enveloped in the shadows of towering redwoods. I'm sure candle manufactures everywhere wish they could duplicate the small - it was like we were in a fairytale. I half expected Little Red Riding Hood to pop out at any moment :) After Muir Woods, we headed back towards their apartment and were graced with the last bits of hazy sun. Views of the TransAmerica building, the Bay Bridge, Coit Tower, and iconic steep hills surrounded us in a literal 360 degree fashion. We explored the Filbert Steps and chatted as we walked around the beautiful neighborhood that they call home.

It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with these two lovely humans.

Nathan and Melissa's Downtown Seattle Engagement Session

I wanted to learn how to shoot on a rainy day. In California, if it's raining, you almost always reschedule. Heck, I had been known to reschedule simply because it was cloudy! I love the sun and I am most comfortable shooting when the light is bright and warm. When I was talking to Nathan and Melissa about their session, we agreed to shoot no matter the weather. I woke up to the sound of rain and had a little pit in my stomach, but wasn't that what I wanted? A challenge? I met them at my favorite coffee shop in Capital Hill, Bauhaus Books and Coffee. My plan for their session was to take them to all of my favorite places - the places that reminded me of my first summer in Seattle when we were living in a small 4th floor corporate apartment in Capital Hill. For the first 30 minutes of our session we sat around, drank coffee, and talked. Occasionally I would take a photo. Both Nathan and Melissa are from Oregon, Melissa went to college in New York, and Nathan works for Amazon. He bikes to work, they are vegetarians, and they are having their wedding at a gorgeous venue in their home state. When we were done with our coffee, we jumped on a bus (another key part of my summer here in Seattle) and headed downtown. Downtown Seattle can be very touristy and busy, but not so much at 9am on a rainy Saturday in January. We walked through Post Alley, Pike Place Market, and the underground shops. I love the challenge of shooting around crowds of people...we are shooting in the heart of downtown Seattle and I don't want to hide that in the photos. I love this city and I am so happy to have spent my rainy Saturday morning with people like Nathan and Melissa.

If you haven't been to Seattle, get your booty up here for a visit! You'll love it.