Natalie, a "just because" session | Riverside Portrait Photographer

Natalie is a friend of Carrie's (the girl in the post right below this one!) - Carrie and I wanted to go out and shoot together so she asked Natalie to be our model. We had a great time just shooting for fun - I highly suggest that every photographer do this from time to time. And yeah, since my site forces me to choose a catagory, I put Natalie under "seniors" even though she's 27 :)

The Johnson Family | Riverside Family Photographer

Meet Carrie, Jordan, Carter and Reid! Are they not the bluest eyed family you have ever seen? Great names too (hint: Reid!) Carrie is a fellow photographer and like most of us, lacked family photos that she was actually in. So, I was happy to step in and fix that. I had such a great time at this shoot. Sometimes I get MORE nervous shooting other photographers, but Carrie is so sweet and down to earth that I was able to really relax and not stress. It helped that they were all great in front of the camera and her oldest, Carter, was a total ham which I absolutely loved! He gives me hope that in a period of just one year, my 2 1/2 year old will be able to cooporate this well for photos. I can dream, right?