Gorgeous 3 year old twins!

When Gina called me to book a studio session for herself and her daughters, I'll admit that I was a tad nervous. One 3 year old can be a challenge, but two, and contained to a small studio area? I knew that we would make it work, I always do, so I went into it with a big smile on my face. When I met "G" and "J", I was floored by their maturity and gentle nature. They were polite, kind, and funny. Their shoot was truly effortless and we were done in 25 minutes! Record time, and yet we had dozens of wonderful images. I told Gina that she had two future models on her hands- these girls were naturals!  Thanks again Gina for letting me shoot you and your gorgeous girls, and I look forward to our upcoming full family sessions! IMG_4619_1