The Gorgeous "A" | Scottsdale/Southern California Boudoir Photographer

When I received an email from this lovely lady asking me if I was willing to fly to Scottsdale to photograph her boudoir session, I said two words. Can you guess? "Heck yes!" (wow, that nerdy) So, off I headed to the amazing Hotel Valley Ho and the gorgeous Arizona desert which is actually where I spent my first 6 years of life (Tucson, to be exact). I love shooting in new venues and the hotel that we chose was so awesome and perfect for boudoir photography. The colors were funky and the whole room was ultra modern. We chose the room just for the tub, obviously. It was large enough for 4 people. I won't ask...haha. The room was larger than my entire apartment here in Southern California and the patio was large enough told hold a 100 person party. I felt cool just staying there! Gah, isn't she gorgeous?? I would DIE for her pretty, glowy skin. Not fair at all.