Alex & David's Lands End Engagement | San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Ahhh we live here. That's what I think every single time I'm at Lands End and Sutro Baths in San Francisco. How is it that some place so naturally beautiful exists right on the edge of a huge, bustling metropolis?

Alex and David are getting married later this year at Nestldown. We met last year over coffee and I knew that they were going to be my clients (whether they liked it or not, lol). You know when you meet someone and you're like, "Yes, these are my people"? That's what happened. We had the best time during their engagement shoot, laughing and talking the entire time like old friends which I think helped us create better images. There is nothing that I love more than when a couple can relax and be themselves in front of the camera, even though I know it's scary when we first start. They totally nailed it!

Kelly & Patrick's Edgewood Lake Tahoe Wedding

Kelly and Patrick got married on a beautiful July afternoon at the always stunning Edgewood Lake Tahoe. I have been anxiously awaiting this wedding for over a year. Why? After meeting Kelly and Pat at their engagement session, I knew that I would have a wonderful time not only photographing their event, but simply being around them. We share a couple of friends and everyone made me feel more like a guest than the photographer. The girls got ready at the Embassy Suites on South Lake Tahoe Blvd and the guys got ready right next door at one of the "H" hotels...Harvey's? Harrah's? Horizon? I always get them confused! I think it was Harrah's. haha. After the guys were transported to the venue, the girls climbed in the limo bus, toasted to Kelly & Pat's big day, and so the wedding began! As Kelly walked down the aisle, Patrick's expression said it all. Overlooking the blue water of Lake Tahoe, Kelly and Pat became Mr. & Mrs. Rhodes in front of their family and friends. The perfect wedding.

Thank you both for including me in your special day. It was one that I will never forget!

....little boys, I tell you! :)

"I'm king of the world!!!"

I thought this was a fantastic way to serve beer! The bartender always kept a handful of glasses ready for guests to walk up and grab. It's the small things that excite me ;)

Chug chug chug! Who do you think will win....?

My 2nd shooter, Anita, captured this exchange between Patrick and his parents. I simply love it!

Claire & Matt {Sept 25th, 2010} A Wedding!

I have butterflies in my stomach as I get ready to make this blog post. Why? I love this couple. I loved this wedding. I love these photos. I met Claire and Matt earlier this year when they first contacted me about wedding photography. We met over coffee and I went home and told my husband how excited I would be if they chose me as their wedding photographer. I didn't hear from Claire for a couple of weeks. I'll be honest, I was heartbroken. When Claire did call, it was to tell me that they thought I would be the perfect fit for their wedding day. The feeling was completely mutual. She also told me about how her mom was diagnosed with cancer and was going through a tough battle. My own mom is my best friend so my heart ached for Claire as she explained the diagnosis and everything that her mom was going through. Claire and Matt live in Florida but Claire stayed with her mom in the Sacramento area for weeks on end. Claire and Matt offered to put their wedding on hold, but of course her mom was having none of that.

As September 25th finally rolled around, I was excited to see Claire's plans manifest themselves on her wedding day, but I was also nervous to meet her mother. I was worried that she would be very sick. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I knew that it had the potential to be a very emotional day. I am so, so pleased to say that Claire's mom is doing wonderfully and was a ray of light on their wedding day. I met her and would have never known how ill she had been. God is good!

This was my very first wedding where the bride and groom did a first look and saw eachother before the ceremony. I was so excited! The couple wanted to do some photos in Matt's uniform before the wedding, and to be honest, a first look just fit with Claire and Matt. Claire was strikingly (as in girl crush-like) beautiful in her simple gown and bare feet. And okay, admit it, what's better looking than a man in uniform? Claire and Matt also told me beforehand that they are lovers of black and white, which is why you will see more black and white photos than I normally do. I too love black and white which made editing their wedding photos even more enjoyable. PS - this gorgeous, perfect location is The Flower Farm in Loomis, CA. I'm not even kidding you, if I would have known of this place back in 2005 it's where I would have been married. This venue is AMAZING.

Everything about Claire and Matt and their wedding day was raw. It was honest. It was true.

I am very sad that this couple lives across the country. I know that we could be great friends if distance weren't such a barrier. In fact, they made me feel so comfortable that I allowed myself to have my very first glass of champagne at a wedding in which I was working. Normally I turn it down, always airing on the side of professionalism...but as we were standing in the warm September sun and the wonderful catering staff came out offering it to all of us, I'm pretty sure I would have felt just a little less "me" if I turned it down.

Matt & are beautiful. Your wedding was beautiful. Thank you.