The Zaczepinski Family | Manhattan Beach Family Session

Gwen is a fellow photographer from Ohio and was in Souther California on vacation visiting family. I know Gwen through a photography forum and when she asked me to do her family photos, I was both excited and nervous because Gwen is crazy good. Proof is here. However, once we were doing their session at the Manhattan Beach Pier, I forgot that I was shooting another photographer and just did my thing. Her kids are beautiful and so much fun. I'm glad we captured some fun in these photos because their 2 week trip to Southern California ended up being quite the roller coaster, complete with terrible finger-slammed-in-the-door-so-hard-it-required-an-ER-visit instances and her 5 year old son being taken into surgery for a hernia :( They are now home safe and likely recovering from their er, adventure!