It was 9am on Thanksgiving morning, I had Starbucks in hand, and I was driving solo to the 2nd closest grocery store to my house (first one was closed). I had a mission: Diet Coke (per my Dad's request), 2 bags of ice, and 10 ounces of prosciutto for my stuffing recipe that I will later ruin beyond repair. Far from being annoyed that I had to actually go to the store on Thanksgiving Day, I took the time to let myself  be overcome by warm fuzzies. I love knowing that so many people I love are in my home, right this minute. My handsome hubby was still sleeping since he had gotten up with a teething Reid in the middle of the night, my dad and step-mom are brewing coffee and filling my house with it's rich aroma, my two youngest sisters are overwhelming the bathrooms with girly smells and hairspray, Reid is basking in endless attention and love, and my mom, step-dad, and aunt are on their way over to complete our crazy/mixed up/ex/step/adopted family gathering. Despite a few hiccups (mostly consisting of my epic stuffing failure and resulting pout fest and trip to the grocery store yet again for boxes of Stovetop), the day went off perfectly. I had time to enjoy my newest toy - a camera body upgrade (!!!) - and take photos of people that I love.

Jordan, my 18 year old little sister, asked me to do some photos of her. We've been talking about doing it for over a year now. Sorry to be a bore- you get to see "the field" AGAIN, but we didn't want to wander too far from home since there was still cooking to be done!









Christina & Mariah's Senior Portraits

Christina & Mariah drove nearly an hour and a half to meet me at the new bridge in Rancho Murieta for their senior portrait shoot! We got to spend a lot of time together trying different, fun poses and even changing outfits! It was a unique opportunity to not only photograph the girls individually, but together. They have been best friends since they were in elementary school!