No way, this can't be my kid, can it?!

My lovely son is notorious for being mommy's most difficult subject. I have tried countless times to plan an actual photo session for him but it just never works out- he won't look at me, he won't sit still, he cries...which explains why I only have candid photos of him hanging in my home. I'm still sad about the fact that I didn't get to do a smashcake session with him for his first birthday last September, but I knew better than to even try. Well, today was a lazy day around the house for Reid and I. Daddy was at work and I had a client coming in for a headshot at 1pm. I recently moved around my indoor studio and took Reid in to take a couple of test shots of him to make sure all was ready for my client. Reid was still in his pajamas (yes, at 12 noon) and I wasn't hoping for anything except the back of his head. Well, turns out that Reid decided to turn on the charm and ham it up! I seriously couldn't believe this was my kid...but I liked it! I love love love these photos and 1 of them is definitely getting blown up and hung on the wall!