Behind the Scenes: Photography Meet-Up | Folsom

On Friday I got together with a few photographer friends of mine - Kris Lane, Brandy Hawkins and Bree Franklin I shot my very first "client" session at Negro Bar in Folsom a long time ago. I've learned a lot since then and was anxious to go back with 3 other talented ladies to chat about photography and get some shots in. Kris brought her son and Bree brought her daughter. Both were willing models, although one was more on the move than the other. I bet you can guess who it was ;)

Photography is an interesting business. There are a few bad seeds out there (as with all industries), but for the most part it's a community filled with wonderful, caring, and artistic people who love to share their craft, help eachother out and encourage their fellow photographer along the way. I feel so lucky to know so many of the "good seeds"! The 4 of us plus another friend, Charletton Churchill, will be attending the PPA Tour in Sacramento this Tuesday at the Hyatt Regency. Exciting stuff!

No way, this can't be my kid, can it?!

My lovely son is notorious for being mommy's most difficult subject. I have tried countless times to plan an actual photo session for him but it just never works out- he won't look at me, he won't sit still, he cries...which explains why I only have candid photos of him hanging in my home. I'm still sad about the fact that I didn't get to do a smashcake session with him for his first birthday last September, but I knew better than to even try. Well, today was a lazy day around the house for Reid and I. Daddy was at work and I had a client coming in for a headshot at 1pm. I recently moved around my indoor studio and took Reid in to take a couple of test shots of him to make sure all was ready for my client. Reid was still in his pajamas (yes, at 12 noon) and I wasn't hoping for anything except the back of his head. Well, turns out that Reid decided to turn on the charm and ham it up! I seriously couldn't believe this was my kid...but I liked it! I love love love these photos and 1 of them is definitely getting blown up and hung on the wall!



Another session with G & J!

If you remember, I did these photos for twins G & J back in October. Their mom wanted another session, but this time outdoors and with their grandma. We chose the streets of Old Folsom and the girls enjoyed a stop at Snooks Candies as a reward for being so well behaved  and patient during the shoot. Enjoy! IMG_0705